Wrapping up Blankenburger Süden project

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

Last October we were part of the final presentation for the city extension of Berlin in Blankenburger Süden, for which our participation has come to an end. We look back into some of the key moments of this project and how it enriched us.

A year earlier, in October 2019 we were selected together with our partners from B+B and joined the cooperative workshop with the „Wild Card“ this allowed us to experiment and try bold options for visualisation like building a model of the whole development area.

Why was this project called for? 

Berlin is growing. The Senate has therefore designated development areas in the city to create 135,000 new apartments, including Blankenburger Süden.

In the framework planning for Blankenburger Süden, TSPA investigated the future development of the 430 ha area between Blankenburg and Heinersdorf in cooperation with B+B Urbanism & Landscape Architecture.

We really enjoyed was being able to meet with the locals, present them our projects and hear their concerns mainly focused on public transportation and the changes on the landscape they have been living around for the past years.

What about the results?

We proposed six mail goals:

  1. Nature comes first,
  2. building resilience to climate change,
  3. creating community,
  4. creating flexible and adaptable typologies,
  5. promoting diversity for peaceful coexistence,
  6. creating urban density and sustainable mobility for a better quality of life.


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