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Meet Majd

Introducing Majd, our senior practitioner specialising in urban planning and spatial data analysis.


7 June 2024




Majd is an expert in integrating cutting-edge research with advanced technologies to transform urban environments. He has an academic background in architecture and media-architecture, and extensive experience in multidisciplinary research.

Passionate about creating innovative digital solutions to design human-orientated spaces, Majd has contributed to a number of international projects at TSPA. Alongside this, he has been part of several scientific publications. His most recent research was on ‘Operationalizing the open city concept’ and can be read here.
Together with the team, Majd is currently developing risk-informed master planning guidelines for the local governments in India, to mitigate risks of natural disasters, and explore anti-fragile and sustainable spatial strategies.

Majd is also part of the UP2030 project, supporting the development of the parametric design tool for the city of Granollers. The tool focuses on establishing an urban design assessment and optimization system which evaluates the relationship between urban spatial configurations and local environments.
To learn more about Majd’s research and our ongoing projects, check out our new website here: