global reach

global reach

global reach

TSPA is active in four world regions: CIS, MENA, Western Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. To facilitate our global reach, TSPA has established local presence and partnerships with the innovative urban planning firm Novaya Zemlya in Moscow and the consulting and community-building practice Mr. Playmaker with strong presence in the Middle East and its headquarter in Brussels. Additionally, Thomas Stellmach is a consultant with UN-Habitat based in Nairobi and cooperates closely with the urban planning lab of UN-Habitat.

expert community

In addition to having a stellar in-house staff, we count on our network of partners who are experts in the various disciplines and areas affiliated with our work. Our close professional ties with a wide spectrum of specialists allows us to draw on a profound body of knowledge. Our partnership and involvement with the public sector and NGOs grants us access to key advisors that contributes to how we develop outstanding solutions based on the latest best practices.

Architecture and Design 

Economy and Finance

Computational Design & AI 


Climate Change & Energy

Legislation & Governance

Participation & Process

Landscape & Ecology


South East Asia 

Subsaharan Africa

Latin America 

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