Thomas Stellmach presented «Digitisation, space and society» in ‘Smart City Berlin meets Smart Country Brandenburg’

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Thomas Stellmach was invited to the’ Smart City Berlin meets Smart Country Brandenburg‘ an event from Smart City Berlin.
Together with companies and networks, partners from the districts, counties and independent cities, our founder is taking part of the meet-up to exchange and deepen cross-border aspects.
Thomas will present and discuss the topic of Digitisation, space and society.

Digitisation is mainly understood in an immaterial sense, as an exchange of information. This flow of information, however, has concrete effects on our physical living environment: Google Maps navigation decides which roads are busy; home office provides for other needs both at home in the home and in terms of service infrastructure. In recent years, it has also become clear that digital networking, which has become easier, can also lead to demarcation (keyword «filter bubbles»). This makes meeting spaces in the built environment, where the broad civil society can meet, develop and express itself, all the more important.
► How do we create and strengthen spaces for such exchange?
► Which aspects of spatial digitisation require regulation by cities and municipalities?

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